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Branding Pilot Ads is a Google Premium Partner and dedicated PPC Agency in India. We work with a few selected businesses to generate leads and increase sales for any business. We believe in providing the best possible PPC services & support to clients.

Our services include all types of PPC campaign setup & optimization on Google and Facebook/Instagram. With more than a decade of experience in Google ads & Facebook ads, we have developed a robust process to deliver excellent results to our clients. Contact us today to know more.

We have served clients in healthcare, Real-estate, eCommerce, education and professional services.

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  • Google Ads Setup & optimization
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads
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  • Landing Page Design & Consultation

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"Drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your website with Google Ads. Reach your target audience precisely when they're searching for products or services like yours. Our expert team will craft compelling ad campaigns tailored to your business goals, whether it's increasing brand awareness, driving website visits, or boosting sales. With Google Ads, you have full control over your budget and can track your campaign performance in real-time. Start reaching your customers where they're already looking – on Google. Get started today and watch your business soar!"

Generates Traffic

Advertising on Google forms the basis of every digital marketing activity. At this Google AdWords Agency, we try to figure out your search engine marketing efforts, your target audience, geographical reach, and daily budget understand how should we execute your Google Ad campaigns. The best part about Google AdWords is that if you run your ad campaigns on Google, you would only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad because these campaigns work on Pay Per Click basis.

Our Google Ads Campaign Management Strategy

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Search Ads

By running search ads on Google, you will make your website easily discoverable with the help of highly targeted keywords. With the help of Google AdWords company in India, you can get the right set of keywords that helps you get the right visibility on the search engine.

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Display Ads

Google knows the importance of visuals and so, with its Display Network, you can display your ads on millions of sites and target customers with impressive banner ads in the form of images, audio and video, instead of plain text..

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Shopping Ads

Every industry, especially the retail industry, has benefitted from Google Shopping Ads because it helped the industries drive more than 60% of all clicks. Shopping Ads are the best for e-commerce websites to promote their online products and services.

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With this strategy, you can create and promote highly targeted ads to those visitors who have visited your website in the past but did not convert or engage with it. By showing them ads when they browse other websites, you increase the chances of them converting into your customers.

seo agency in chennai
App Promotions

Because of high mobile penetration in the market, app promotion is now more important than ever! If you want to effectively get the attention of your target audience through smartphones, with Google AdWords, you can advertise your mobile apps. The main benefit of running app promotions is that it reaches a larger audience than desktop ads, with lower Cost Per Clicks (CPCs).


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Google Ads FAQs

Google Ads is undoubtedly the most targeted form of advertising that you can leverage for growing your business. Google Ads help you to show your ads alongside relevant searches that the users coduct on the Google Search Engine. Because Google Adwords is a paid strategy, it is always better to hire external Google Ads Management Services to manage your Google Adwords Account by ensuring billing transparency.
More or less, Google covers all possible spaces on the Internet for displaying your advertisements. There are five major types of Google Ads Campaigns ­- Google Search, Google Shopping, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising and Display Advertising. To know more about the types of Google Ads Campaigns, check out this blog.
At Brandingpilot, we recommend an AdWords budget after analyzing the client's business, doing an in-depth keyword research, and studying the the target audience. The best thing about Google AdWords is that you can choose a daily budget and decide the start and stop time of the campaign.
No trustworthy agency or consultant will ever guarantee a #1 rank for your ads. This is because the rankings depend on several external factors that affect the rankings to fluctuate. These factors include Google algorithm updates, competitor's activities, quality score, and seasonality.
You will start seeing data like clicks, cost per click, and impressions just hours after your AdWords account goes live. However, it takes times to get enough statistic data to analyze the advertising efforts. Achieving business objectives with Google AdWords take upto few days to twelve months.

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