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What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social media marketing is a part of internet marketing in which social networking sites apply marketing techniques to reach the social media people with their unique content, images, graphics and videos to talk about the product and services in a better way to attract the social media users.

About SMM Program

Social Media platform is the most engaging and had billions of active users. Learn how to use social media to create brand awareness and generate leads from social networks. We teach you practical methods of social media optimization to improve the brand value. In our SMM training, we will be teaching in depth about Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn Marketing Techniques.

Social Media Marketing Training in Chennai

Learn how to promote a professional online identity and increase a huge online audience for a business with our Social Media Training Courses. Under the guidance of our experienced subject matter experts, you can get hands-on experience of working on real-time experience. We guide you to leverage the Social Media Platforms which helps you to learn the latest online marketing techniques, and easy to grow your career path. Our SMM course will provide you with all the insights you need to grow your business.



Facebook Marketing:

  • Introduction & Overview to Facebook Marketing
  • Setting up FB Page
  • Creating Custom URL for FB Page
  • Content Marketing usage in Facebook
  • Influence Marketing role in Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Audience Targeting
  • How to bring engagements for Facebook Posts?
  • Facebook Ads Overview
  • Selecting ads based on objectives
  • Overview on Shopify Marketing
  • Multi Product Ads & Dynamic Targeting Ads in Shopify
  • Live practical’s on how to prepare Facebook Marketing Strategy

Twitter Marketing:

Instagram Marketing:

  • Introduction to Instagram Marketing
  • Setting up Instagram Page
  • Finding right Influencers in Instagram for any business
  • Images selecting Ideas for Instagram post
  • Hashtag research for Instagram post
  • Building Brand Advocacy
  • What strategy needs to follow to convert Brand Engagements into Conversions
  • Instagram Marketing Strategy Preparation
  • Instagram Ads Creation

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:


YouTube Marketing:

  • Introduction to YouTube Marketing
  • Selecting Videos for YouTube Marketing
  • Viral Video Marketing Techniques for YouTube
  • YouTube Ads overview
  • Understanding YouTube Ad Variants
  • YouTube Marketing strategy live practical’s

Content marketing:

lead generation concept handwritten on whiteboard

Lead Generation:

  • Introduction to Lead Generation
  • What are Landing pages & Types of Landing pages
  • How to create Landing Page
  • UX impotence in Landing Page
  • How to connect your Landing page with email marketing tools
  • How to use lead generation in social media channels
  • Best Strategies for Lead Generation

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